Tel-Aviv Pride 2017

Tel-Aviv Pride March took place yesterday with some 200,000 people. It was a massive parade with a great mixture of people strolling at the seacoast promenade and partying together for a day.

Tel-Aviv is an immensely interesting spot of the Middle East: one of the capital city of LGBTQ world in a country where everything is defined by religion. Where you face armed soldiers when going to the party at night. Where you cannot marry a Jew if you're not Jewish yourself. Where 200,000 people gather together for the Pride March, but if you travel an hour into further Israel you find yourself in an entirely different world: a world where as a woman you have to sit at the back of the bus - and these are not muslim but Jewish areas.

This short summary is only to show some interesting aspects of this extraordinary city in this particular country. And now check out the gallery!


Photos by Eni Várhelyi

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