Alternative travel tips—The world of LGBTQ+ Comic-Cons

Spring is here, so is the good weather. Spring break, Easter, and Pentecost are right around the corner. Each is a great opportunity to see the world, and if you’ve gotten bored of sightseeing, then you can meet your favorite LGBTQ+ icons at Comic Con. Even in Europe!

I already wrote last year about what a great experience it was for me when I had the chance to meet Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman in Barcelona. Because of this I collected a list of a few of these events. If you’re interested in Comic-Cons, but can’t afford an American one, and you’re looking for a reason to travel, here it is.

Let’s start in chronological order.


German Comic-Con

This conference is a series of events and the programs will take place in many German cities: it starts in Dortmund April 13-14, then the program continues in Munich and Berlin, and, finally, to book end it all, there will be an event in Dortmund at the end of the year. It’s important to know that the guest list can change at the last minute and the final list is usually formed shortly before the start of the conference.  At the Dortmund Spring event, there will be the Once Upon a Time protagonist Jennifer Morrison, a not specifically lesbian icon, Casey Cott from Riverdale who plays the sheriff’s gay son,  my personal favorite, and Danielle Panabaker who plays Caitlin Snow in The Flash. Although I haven’t written a review yet for the series, I have for the sister series and the characters have appeared many times in cross-over episodes.

You can find the full program for the event series and purchase tickets HERE and flights to Germany can be purchased cheaply.





My whole article started from this conference because this is the LGBTQ+ community’s biggest event, but of course the event happens in the United States, Las Vegas to be exact. Every year in April I read Twitter with longing, watch Youtube video of the panels, and dream that one day I can be there too. This year’s Clexacon takes place April 11-15 and I can recommend it for those who are on the other side of the ocean. Last year brought the consolation when the organizers decided that a smaller version of the program will be taken to London. Then my eyes lit up, I could apply to be a volunteer. I filled out the Google form with lightning speed, but unfortunately couldn’t go because a work trip got in the way. I hope that the organizers will also take this step this year and I can finally go.



Love Fan Fest

Last year’s Barcelona Comic Con was so successful that it’s also being organized this year. The programs will be June 28-30, and already among the published guest list are Melanie Scrofano, Mynonna Earp, Isabella Gomez who plays Elena in One Day at a Time, and Jes Macallan who we know as Ava Sharpe from the series DC’s Legend of Tomorrow. A weekend Comic Con during the Barcelona summer sounded like a great travel destination to me. The location is easily accessible from downtown and the program can be combined with sightseeing, because you don’t have to be there for all three days, but can buy daily tickets too. The full program, guests, and tickets can be found HERE.


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