5 vloggers worth following

We all know that there is a dire lack of representation in mainstream media when it comes to lesbian and bisexual women. Recently there have been an increasing number of series and movies depicting the female members of the LGBTQ+ community, but this number is still low - and these movies certainly can’t substitute the “YouTube Experience”. On YouTube, you can choose between several thousand vloggers to find the ones you like the most, and you don’t have to stick to 50-minute episodes - you can find something to watch even if you only have a few minutes, but if you choose to, you can also browse interesting videos for hours! I gathered some of my favourite vloggers on this list, either because I’ve learned a lot from them, or because they regularly make me smile.



As the most popular Hungarian lesbian on YouTube, Maris deserves the first place on this list. Her Coming Out video has been viewed over 170 thousand times (!) since it was uploaded in 2014. This 23-year-old girl answers questions about being gay in a honest and kind manner, and regularly uploads videos on the topic.

You’ll love this vlogger if: you would like to hear about what it’s like to be gay, in Hungarian.

bonus: Maris’s girlfriend, Klaudia also has a YouTube channel, check her out as well.


Ash Hardell

Ash is mostly known for giving definitions for LGBTQ+ related terms. She has an incredibly creative and positive attitude, and she gives great explanations of everything you ever wanted to know about LGBTQ+ people. Ash also films many videos with her wife, Grace, so besides the more serious topics there is also plenty of fluff on her channel.

You’ll love this vlogger if: you’re interested in different gender identities, sexual and other orientations, LGBTQ+ related terms and definitions, and if you’re not put off by a sentence such as “I am an asexual panromantic non-binary person.”


Living Rosa

Mandi and Tara are an adorable American married couple, and their videos are mostly about the joys of family and motherhood. Their daughter, Lennon is a year and a half old, and Mandi is currently pregnant with twins. The Living Rosa vlogs are guaranteed to spread positivity even if you usually don’t like videos about everyday things. To this day, they are the only YouTube family that can always cheer me up.

You’ll love this vlogger if: you’d like to peek into the life and family of a lesbian couple. Liking children is a plus, because Lennon often steals the spotlight in the videos.


Arielle Scarcella

Arielle has been on YouTube since 2009, and she primarily makes videos on being a lesbian, and on other LGBTQ+ topics. There are no taboo topics when it comes to Arielle - she talks about everything openly, and what’s more, in her weekly videos she usually features people who are more experienced in the given topic.

You’ll love this vlogger if: you’re open-minded and you’d like to learn more about sex and relationships.


Rose Ellen Dix and TheRoxetera

I can confidently say that Rose and Rosie are the funniest couple on LGBTQ+ YouTube. (Rose is a lesbian, and Rosie is bisexual.) These two English girls make plenty of creative and entertaining videos, and Rose gives a whole new meaning to sarcasm. They have been together since 2011, and they got married in 2015. The video about the wedding is almost the only thing on their channel that they didn’t make into a joke - I recommend a box of tissues for this video, because you’re definitely going to cry. On the RoseEllenDix channel, you’ll mostly find funny videos or challenges, while TheRoxetera is mostly for vlogs and talking about sexuality (especially bisexuality).

You’ll love this blogger if: you like humour and you appreciate sarcasm.

Have fun with the videos!


Translated by Alexa Sebők

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