20 situations that are all too familiar to lesbians

1. When someone asks: Are you sure you are a lesbian? You don't seem like one.

2. Or: but have you tried it with boys?

3. Or: well, I don't think it qualifies as sex.

4. Your significant other is about to have her period, when yours has just stopped.

Finally, it’s gone!

5. When you have this feeling that so few lesbians live in your close proximity that everyone you meet has already dated someone among your acquaintances.

6. On top of that, new faces are nowhere near on Tinder.

7. When you meet your ex on a party. Then you meet another ex of yours.

8. When you date someone and it turns out that you have a common ex.

9. The euphoric joy you feel, when one of your favourite celebrities finally comes out of the closet. Or when any celebrity comes out as LGBTQIA+.

10. When you are on a date with a girl and someone joins you for a chat, because they think you are just friends.

11. When you try to figure out if the other person is into girls and you carefully include a few lesbian celebrities or series in the conversation and you await the reaction.

12. When you like her looks, and you’re thinking about if you want to dress like her or you want to have sex with her.

How great she looks...

13. When you move in with your girlfriend and suddenly you have twice as much clothes.

Where on earth is my polka-dot top??

14. When a new lesbian couple finally shows up in a series of yours and you ship them like crazy.

15. Until the writers remove them from the series.

16. When hetero people pester you for lesbian sex tricks.

Anyways, how do you girls do it?

17. And when they ask who the man is in the relationship.

18. When you spot another lesbian in public. Just like when your dog meets another dog while walking.

  1. When you try to figure out if she’s flirting with you or if she’s just making friends with you.

20. And last but not least, when you send the same qLit article to each other with your girlfriend(s).   


Illustration: Zsófi Szekeres (Szofi karikatúra)

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