You can donate 1% of your tax by 22 May

You can donate 1 % of your personal income tax by 22 May 2023. With only a few clicks, you may financially support organisations which contribute a lot to the Hungarian LGBTQ+ community.

What exactly is this about?

Taxpayers may allocate 1% of their personal income tax to registered foundations since 1996. From 1997, another 1% of personal income tax can be donated to a recognised church identified by a technical number. The amount that is not allocated to any foundation or church, ends up on a separate account of the state budget, which is used to fund different tenders. In case you wish to know where 1+1% of your personal income tax goes, it’s well worth taking a few minutes to submit the declaration.

How can you make the declaration?

The easiest way is filing the declaration online on webpage To use this service, you must have a government gateway registration. In this case you just need to make a few clicks to choose the foundation you wish to support.

If you don’t have government gateway registration, it’s possible to file the declaration offline, in paper. For this, we recommend using the services of the eSZJA portal that do not require registration. Here you can fill in the declaration form in your web browser and after printing the document, you can post it to the tax authority.

For further information on the allocation of 1%+1%, please visit this page. (In the document Personal income tax returns see article VII. Instruction regarding 1 per cent of the tax – voluntary funds, 1+1 per cent / point 33. How can I send my instructions regarding the 1+1 per cent?)

Who to support?

You can find the official list of foundations and organisations with technical numbers (churches) that are eligible for the donation here (Hungarian only). Below we highlight the name and tax ID number of a few LGBTQ+ organisations:

18183722-1-43 Atlasz Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Sports Club

18169012-2-41 Labrisz Lesbian Association

18274374-1-41Hungarian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance

18107171-1-41Szimpozion Friendly Association, Cultural, Educational and Recreational Association for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth

18174803-1-42 Rainbow Mission Foundation (Budapest Pride)

18524239-1-02 Foundation for Rainbow Families  (Family is Family)

18288786-1-43 Transvanilla Transgender Association

In addition to LGBTQ+ organizations, there are a lot of other foundations fighting for great causes who are worth supporting, too, if you can. Among others, this list includes women’s right associations like NANE, Association for Women or Patent, as well as Megálló Group Foundation, an LGBTQ+ friendly organisation founded to help people with addiction issues.

For the time being, you can’t donate 1% of your tax to, but we, too, welcome your support on our bank account number 11600006-00000000-93524115 (Leszbikus Magazin és Programszervező Egyesület) anytime.


Translated by Zsuzsa

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