Speed dating

Would you like to get to know new people? Would you like to get to know new people who you even would like to go out with? What about a fast date? And more fast dates in one evening? Come, try speed dating! (The language of the program is Hungarian)

In every two-three month we organize an approximately two-hour-long programme where you can meet a bunch of new people in a short time.

First: Register!

Then: Come and just be yourself!

Later: One table, two people, five minutes - that’s all. Then change. New person, another five minutes, then another change. When you spent five minutes with everyone, made your notes and also some memories, give us a piece of paper with the names of those who you would like to start the sixths minutes with.

Finally: The next they wait for our email, because if the sympathy was mutual, then from now on it only depends on you, how your story goes on.


After the speed dating stay, talk to the others, have a drink, make friends or more!

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