Lesbian* Weddings from Instagram

Engagement, wedding, reception—indispensable parts of the hetero world which we lesbians for a long time could never even dream of. In Hungary it’s hard to catch a lesbian wedding; Hungarian social media isn’t full of pictures of kissing brides either (let’s not even talk about the traditional media). Fortunately, there’s Instagram here for us! Let’s immerse ourselves in the world of the #lesbianwedding, #mrsandmrs and #twobrides.

Caves and Sparklers

In Nature


Matched to the Nines

Shirt and Tie Combo

Western Traditional

Eastern Traditional

Serious and Smoldering

Relaxed and Natural

On the Throne

In Black and White

Keeping it Cool in White


Loose Jackets

With Friends



Tattoed Up

Tradition White in Nature

Matching Gowns


Translated by Amy Soto

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