Did you come out encouraged by the example of the lesbian prime minister? It appears it was a mistake!

In June 2017, same-sex lovers were still rejoicing that the next Prime Minister of our Balkan neighbor would be the first woman in the country’s history, and, moreover, openly lesbian.

“Long live Ana Brnabic!” we thought until the first news came in the middle of August: Zlatibor Loncar, the Serbian healthcare minister was working so that women who had “a homosexual relationship in the five years prior to the application” would not be permitted to have artificial insemination.


Ana Brnabic, PM of Serbia


What does one, for example. Slavica Đukić Dejanovi, a minister without a portfolio who is in charge of the demographic and population policy and ethusiastically and openly supports the LGBTQ+ community, say to this unreasonable, unsubstantiated, absurd, unnecessary, and homophobic bill? Who, concerned because of the population decline, in 2017 raised the age-limit for artificial insemination from 38 to 42, namely according to the 2016 end of the year statistics, each year Serbia’s population of 7.04 million people decreases by one small city, and in 2016, for example, there were 63, 734 births and 100,834 deaths registered (source: MTI).

But what really worries me: what will Ana Brnabic, who is not that lesbian, but in February 2019 together with her partner had their first child?-A child who, by the way, was conceived abroad!


Ana Brnabic, PM of Serbia (right) and her partner, Milica Đurđić (left)


We’re righting for August 2019 now. Many LMBTQ+ organization asked for the bill’s revision, since it is against the anti-discrimination and Serbian constitution. I honestly only would like to know why would a completely open lesbian prime minister, who gave hope to so many lesbians living in Serbia that they could finally come out into the coveted light, listen to this still? Why still listen? Why?

If a truly homophobic law is enacted in such a Serbia, the trust of the gay community will be eroded.

Dear Ana Brnabi, believe that many have come forward because of you, and now because of you and your government they can be severely disadvantaged!

After all, who would dare to come out after this if they want to have a child? Too many days have passed and there’s been too much silence. I trust in the best and that all this is just prudence and consideration on the part of the prime minister, but my trust is diminishing day by day.


Translated by Amy Soto

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