Born This Way – Anna (8)

The next piece of our Born this way series is by Anna. Read the others' stories as well and find the series summary HERE.
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Anna (8), 1993

The above photo was taken in front of the All Saints’ Church in Farkasrét after my first communion, but back then me and Dani – the boy in the picture and an early love of mine –used to say it’s our wedding photo. As a matter of fact, my parents got married right here, just about a decade earlier.

At the time of this picture, I was in third grade. In that period I used to go to church every Sunday, I was the good child of the family and the heartbreak for all the boys in my class. At the same time, I didn’t really like skirts but football I just loved – and as the only girl in the district championship I won my first gold medal very early. I also recall from those times how much it bothered me when my parents treated me and my brothers differently.

Flashforward to the present days, instead of third grade I have entered into my third decade. What changed? Well, I don’t go to church anymore, but spirituality remained an important part of my life. I am not a conformist anymore, but I still care about the happiness of my parents. I am not a schoolgirl anymore, so thankfully I am rarely a heartbreak. I don’t mind skirts that much anymore, but I still find them impractical. I don’t play football that often anymore, but it’s only because I have had enough of that passion and glory in the Hungarian first division. If I see injustice, I don’t just suffer silently anymore, but I write a scholarly paper analyzing and uncovering it.

Finally, it is not this blond boy that I am about to go down the aisle with, but it is a brunette girl.

Not too long ago someone who knew about my childhood crushes asked me how I got into the LGBT circles, which she saw as a big change. I didn’t see it like that. She was looking at only one chapter of my story, while I was looking at the whole. Some things have indeed changed, but I feel my essence has always been what it is now.

Sometimes it is harder to be who you are, but you are always who you are. What changes is how much you can become one with it. Never cease to look for how you can be happy the way you are.

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