6+1 rainbow families from Insta

Rainbow family – are you yearning for one, or do you already have a wife and child?


Here we gathered 7 lesbians* for you, who fill their Instagram accounts with their cute families.

Gena and her partner are mothers to a three-year old little boy, and are expecting their second child, conceived by her wife’s egg, carried by Gena.

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Mary-Kate and Nicole already have an angelic golden-blond daughter, and they are expecting twins this April!

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Margo is the stylish and cool mum of a five-year old little boy, and the three-year old twins (plus the dogs…).

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Emanuela’s family lives in Italy, their daughter turned three recently. Photography is their hobby, so they always post very cute and artistic pictures.

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Allie and Mel live in Canada with their three children, the twins and adorable little Tessa.

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It looks like three children are the default in a lesbian* rainbow family – Raff and her wife one-upped this by giving birth to their son and twins with only a 7,5 months difference.

Find more pictures of them here.


Florida, palm trees and an angel-faced, curly-haired little boy with his two beautiful mums: this is the Insta of Krystian and family!

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If you like what you see, and would like to find more, search for and follow these tags:

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Translated by Zsófia Ziaja


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