5 km for the rights

A great initiative by RunForRights during the Budapest Pride Festival, an easy Sunday run on Margaret Island on July 2nd. Both your body and soul are moved by the event that is not to be missed by qLit. Beautiful environment, nice people, human rights, special community experience. Is there anything more needed?


It will be like a good warm-up:

You can skip it, but it’s not worth it.



“Running brings us together, and encourages us to raise awareness of the importance of legal equality. We believe that everyone has equal rights, no matter where they come from, who they are, or what they do. We strive to create a better and more caring society for ourselves and for future generations. Join our run on Margaret Island as a runner, at beginner or advanced level, or as an ally.” RunforRights team

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Let's run and get closer to our goals together!

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