5+1 ads from this side of the rainbow

Let it be a newspaper ad, a billboard, television ads or any other marketing instrument, the last couple of years we could see more and more LGBTQ+ people featured. Great brands such as McDonalds, Coca Cola, Swarovski and even Microsoft and Google have made advertisements with gays, lesbians and rainbow families. We would like to showcase some of these advertisements.

Watch out, there are LGBTQ+ productions below!



Youngsters, oldies, skinny and plump people, blacks, whites, Asians, Latinas, people with short or long hair, muscular people, fragile people, people with natural body hair - This H&M autumn collection promo video features a wide variety of women, closing the video with an underwater lesbian kiss.



The Swedish furniture retailer’s German ad shows a cosy, intimate Christmas setting with a large family where grandmother, grandfather, kids, the gay uncle with his boyfriend and the dog, who is trying to steal ornaments from the tree celebrate together. Obviously all of them share the Christmas spirit, because the holidays are best spent together.



From their Valentine’s day ad even Swarovski could not leave the LGBTQ people out. There are two couples, one is female only and the other one is two guys.


Innovation and a rainbow family, what else do you need? Google advertises two of its newest gadgets with a father couple who are getting ready in the morning. The advertisement actually emphasizes the fact that the gadget is able to ‘serve’ more than one user at the same time, disregarding age, gender or sexual orientation.



Although Kodak’s heartfelt short film could not make it into television as an ad because it is too long, it definitely needs to be on this list. The movie shows a boy’s coming out with beautiful pictures and instruments.



Coca-Cola’s 2017 ad features two siblings fighting for the attention of a sexy pool boy. It is burning hot outside and both wishes to attract the guy with an ice-cold coke. Unfortunately we will never know who he would have picked because mom got there first. Or the neighbour lady, we are not really sure.


+1 Samsung

The new advertisement of Samsung honors the queer women of cinema. The film was first shown during the 2018 Oscars live show. Interestingly the DP, Rachel Morrison made history this year by being the first woman ever to be nominated for best cinematographer prize. If this would not be enough to strike your attention, she is also the first out queer female cinematographer, the director of the movie is Dee Rees who you could know from Mudbound, for which she was nominated a Morrison prize.


Although Hungarian channels do not usually show such advertisements, we are hoping the time will come soon. Until then we are eagerly waiting to see the Coca-Cola Christmas truck being driven by Santa Claus and his husband.


Translated by Flóra Keresztely

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