Budapest Pride Festival and March

The yearly Budapest Pride Festival and March's goal is to build the LGBTQI community, help the visibility of LGBTQI people, improve the community's self- and social approval and last but not least raising public awareness of the importance of equality of rights and equal opportunities for all.


LIFT Festival

Labrisz organized the first lesbian cultural festival in Hungary in the autumn of 2005 with film screenings, workshops, literary programs, exhibitions and with a party. The festival got organized every year since 2007 with the main goal of helping visibility and loosen the stereotypes around lesbianism and the lesbian community through different kinds of creative works.


LGBT History month

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT)  History Month in Europe is created each year in February to help to discover the LGBT people’s life, culture and to (re)discover their history. Hungary joined the initative in February, 2013 with a series of artistic, cultural and social events. The event is an exciting cultural and learning opportunity and at the same time, a tool for the struggle of LGBT equality and equality of rights. It calls attention to LGBT people and groups have always been part of the history and that they have a rich culture, which is often invisible.
The LGBT history month is organized by Labrisz and Háttér.




Gobbi Hilda filmclub

Screenings on the first Saturdays of every month at 6 pm. Usually films are in original language with Hungarian subtitles. Events are free but donations are really welcome. More info on the Facebook page of Labrisz

Szociális helység

Lesbian-related LMBTQI friendly bar downtown. More info on Facebook