Team members:

Dorka Szekeres

Dorka works in the communication and media industry, mainly online, at the creative department of a big media agency. She first dived into Hungary’s LGBTQ+ life in 2011-12 when working on organizing the EuroGames Budapest 2012. At that time she built strong connections with the Hungarian LGBTQ+  organizations and party organizers and she’s been following their works ever since.

Originally qLit was Dorka’s and Eni’s dream and so they are the founders of the magazine. Dorka coordinates the editorial staff together with Ágota Boki and Reni, and she is continuously working on laying the foundation for the long life of qLit, together with Eni and Anna.

The most important is, however, that she is the one holding the team together.

Eni Várhelyi

Eni is an architect, who has been working as a designer at industrial building constructions lately. By the way she’s been playing soccer, more or less seriously, for 20 years now. She is fond of travelling, getting into photography. She was also a EuroGames organizer in 2011-12, her task was to organize and coordinate the soccer tournament with some 300 participants, and before the event she was responsible for the communication with the players from all over Europe.

Eni is also one of the founders of qLit. She is responsible for qLit’s image and website and it is her job to make it even better. Eni works a lot with authors and translators to make all our articles available in English at qLit so that more and more people can read us. Usually she is the one who holds Fridays’ qLit-Atlasz table tennis events.

Anna Szlávi

Anna, with degrees in linguistics, lives her life in the researcher-teacher-translator triangle, but lately she has also gained experience in marketing and communication. When she is not working or travelling, she plays soccer, climbs rocks, rides her bike, hikes or jumps/runs/exercises/kicks in some other way. Anna also participated in organizing EuroGames Budapest, but she has known Eni from the soccer community much long before. After getting back to Hungary from Philadelphia, where she was conducting research, she started Hungary’s first LGBTQ wall painting project. We are cheering for her on that!

Her main task at qLit is project management and strategy planning. She is responsible for the teamwork on how to make qLit a long term, significant inspiration in Hungary’s L* life.

Ibolya Nagy

After finishing the university, Ibolya started off and didn’t stop until she reached Island. She’s been living there and in Germany ever since and has coordinated the social media channels of several companies and organizations. She recently went back to school to study ecotourism at Reykjavík University. She spends as much of her free-time in the nature as she can, she loves hiking and travelling.

Since joining our team, qLit’s Facebook page became much better. Besides managing our Facebook feed, Ibolya translated several articles of qLit from Hungarian to English.

Reni Sebesi

Reni studied communication and media in Targu Mures, Transylvania, then moved to Budapest.

At qLit she works at the editorial staff so that more and more articles by more and more authors could be published. They edit the drafts together until the final articles - what you can read - are ready to be published.

Zsófi Szekeres

Zsófi got her degree in animation at Metropolitan University. She works as a freelance graphic designer and is trying to find out how to break into the illustrator profession, which she has been preparing for since the age of 3. QLit is not the first occasion she gets in the service of an LGBTQ+ organization, she was also a volunteer at the many times mentioned EuroGames Budapest. Fun facts: cat lover (follow @csaszarzsomle instagram!) and she finished the Vienna Half Marathon this spring.

Zsófi makes us happy with her illustrations, for example qLit’s own graphics of OUTober are thanks to her creativity and style.

Dóri Gross

Dóri moved to Budapest from Pécs, she graduated as a nurse from Semmelweis University, then she cared for premature babies for 5 years. As for now, she is on a short break where she changed the hospital to an office and the incubator to a computer.

Dóri joined our team after she wrote a firm, constructive critical comment to one of our articles - an action we really like. Especially if the comment is 100% valid - as it was in this case.

Dóri helps us a lot in bringing interesting articles to our Hungarian readers and she has also shown us her talent in writing.

Zsófi Bártfai

Zsófi works as a project manager at a multinational company where - after months of preparation - she launhed the official LGBTQ group at the beginning of 2018.

Since joining qLit team she has written some articles, translated articles from English to Hungarian and helped Eni a lot in publishing our articles in English as well.

Julcsi Papp

Julcsi (pronounce it as “Yool-chee") is from a small town on the Great Hungarian Plain. She studied in Szeged, Hungary, then moved to Finland.

She is a qualified tour guide as well as an Italian, English and class teacher currently working at a Finnish comprehensive school. She also regularly writes articles for qLit and runs a project called LGBTQ+ in Schools with her Finnish wife. The aim of this trilingual (English-Hungarian-Finnish) initiative is to increase the visibility and acceptance of LGBTQ+ students, educators and parents.

Julcsi is a real world traveller: so far, she has lived in six countries. She also loves reading and swimming, adores cats, and is addicted to Instagram and Netflix. She could live on coffee and sushi till the end of times.

Julcsi mostly contributes to the work done by qLit with her articles on education, travelling and literature.

Julis Pándi

Julis majored in the English with theoretical linguistics minor. Since then, she has been working at translation companies as project manager, language engineer and general IT person (the official name of the position is “Julis, it’s not working!”).

She is an absolute fan of television series. Watching them, writing, reading about them, listening to podcasts about them, analyzing and possibly overthinking them. She is one trustworthy source if we have any questions regarding series. Julis has a blogger past, so we can say that her mind has been always driven by content consumption and production. At qLit, we use this interest of her and we also win from her experience in translating: she also translated several articles into English.

Kriszti Szegő

Kriszti graduated in Economy in Budapest, after which she moved to Germany, where she’s been living for four years now, with her partner and their dog. Besides her day-job as an online saleswoman and translator she assists a futurologist and regularly delights the readership of qLit with her writing. She’s interested in technological progress, loves sci-fi films and podcasts. She likes to travel and hike, and despite being an omnivore she loves vegan food.

Anna Miholics

Anna is learning Autistic Spectrum Disorder and psychopedagogy at the faculty of special education, at ELTE. Her sense of humour is refined, unique and extremely sarcastic. In her free time she’s writing a blog, attends writing courses to help her progress, and besides all that she’s obsessed with reading, films and series. She’s interested in art, lifestyle coaching, devoted to cats and culinary goods.

Her first article was published on the site in January, 2018. Since then, she’s been trying her best to contribute to our work.

Éva Csermendy

Vica is studying to be a decorator. Besides visual design she adores all kinds of art: she dances, plays in theatre - but at qLit she uses another talent of hers.

At qLlit she works as a translator. She helps us a lot in making all our articles available to readers who don’t speak Hungarian - let them be foreign partners of Hungarian followers or expats (or anyone else).

Zsófi Ziaja

Zsófi is a horticultural engineer by degree, receptionist by job description and a writer and illustrator by ambition. Resident of Budapest, district Zugló. She spends most of her free time on the net, blogging and scribbling stories of varying length. She is learning Irish and tries to keep her French and German up to par.

She puts the provess in English she got (partly) this way to use as a Hungarian-English translator for qLit.

Katt Kati Kovács

Katt’s nickname comes from her photographer past. Since then she has been working on lots of stuff, for example every kind of graphic tasks from designing leaflets to html building, event organization, managing online advertisements and other online campaigns. She loves transport, huge machines and industrial buildings. She loses herself in strange light sources and concrete design objects.

Katt has diverse tasks at qLit, too. One of these is that she is our photographer at events, another one is editing the articles into their final appearance at the website.

Daniella Gáti

Daniella has an economist past, but after finishing her master’s degree she moved to a field promising a much more glamorous future: literature. Currently she is doing her PhD in Boston in contemporary American literature. Besides the US she has lived in other foreign countries, too, for example she stayed for a longer time in Switzerland. She likes to think and philosophize on questions of society, arts and economy (the works of Michel Foucault made her an incurable society critic). She has a special interest in experimental theater.

At qLit we can read her articles mainly in the topics of society, literature and culture.

Ágota Szunyog

Ágota moved to Budapest from a small rural town, and as she refers to it was one of the best decisions in her life. You can often see her at LGBTQ+ programs, not only as a spectator. She works in nature and environment protection, but she prefers to talk about her poems and short stories.

Her main task within qLit is coordinating the editorial workflow. She is one of the responsibles for cooperating with the authors how to make an article draft to a final article. And sometimes she also writes for the magazine herself.

Mercédesz Kovács

Merci is learning linguistics at the University of Szeged. Besides that, she’s occupied with contemporary literature and theatre. In her free time she reads and tries to make others read, learns languages and kick-boxes regularly. She also volunteers at the LGBT group of Szeged, she’s helped bring multiple LGBTQ programmes into the city.

She mostly helps the work of qLit with her articles about literature, but she’s also written about feminism.

And the above list is continuously getting longer and longer.

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